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ImageCFC Issue: problem with temporary files on Linux

Name: problem with temporary files on Linux
ID: 7
Project: ImageCFC
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Jason Steinshouer
Created: 11/26/07 6:09 PM
Updated: 09/02/09 7:01 PM
Description: I received this error when trying to scale or rotate and image.

ACTION=MOVE. The file specified no longer exists: /opt/bluedragon/work/temp/9067D2D3-EFC9-E014-FC59168F2947FB36.jpg Error occurred while processing element (CFFILE) on line 758 column 2 in template file "/opt/bluedragon/customtags/ImageCFC/image.cfc"

This is on a Linux server running Bluedragon 7.

I was able to resolve this by changing \ to / on line 723 of image.cfc.

<cfset var tempOutputFile = "#variables.tempDirectory#/#createUUID()#.#extension#">

This could be used for determining which type of slash to use.


History: Created by steinshouerj (Jason Steinshouer) : 11/26/07 6:09 PM

Updated by rickroot (Rick Root) : 09/02/09 7:01 PM
I've made this change in imagecfc 2.20. It's not necessary to determine the slash to use because both windows and linux are happy with "/" from a coldfusion perspective.... so I just changed it to /, as you suggested (nearly 2 years ago, lol)

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